Screen Printing and Custom Shirts

We began screen printing as a way to meet the growing needs of our customers. What began as a small operation out of a spare bedroom has turned into a professional studio using top of the line equipment and highly trained printers. We view your design with a printer’s perspective, and translate our craft to elevate it to its full potential.

Pick your item! This can be anything from T-Shirts, Totes and Jackets, to Hoodies, Scarfs, or Hats. Check out our Design Studio for some ideas. Feel Free to contact us for recommendations! 


Custom embroidery and monogramming helps add personality to your apparel. At home, monogrammed items help keep stuff sorted between family members and can turn a simple gift into a personalized treasure. Combine embroidery, monogramming, and screen printing and you have the tools to create personalized clothing and accessories for almost any use or occasion.

We’re happy to help you with your embroidery needs, whether embroidered corporate apparel, embroidered school uniforms, or monogrammed tote bags. We work hard to provide quick turnaround times and high-quality work that will impress every time.

It’s not just about towels and uniforms anymore! Monogramming has expanded into a much wider area thanks to advances in style and technology. The Block embroiders totes, bags, spa wraps, napkins, t-shirts, polos, rain coats, baby blankets, caps, and more. 

Banners, Vinyl Signs, Decals, and More

We offer a wide range of vinyl options from decals for your tumbler to full color banners to step and repeats. We create attractive signs, banners, and display stands to let you get the response you expect from your events and business promotions.

Banners and display stands are the best means of promoting your new offerings and special events. We specialize in making a wide range of banners and display stands to suit your needs and budget. Our team will create the best design ideas to make your banners and displays stand apart from the crowd.

Our commercial grade materials mean you are getting the highest quality signs and decals to make your look the most noticeable. 

Fundraising - Team Stores - Pre Order Sites

We build websites for people to promote their own customized items and apparel to their audience. The ‘campaigns’ run for a pre-determined amount of time, and when it’s over we pull the numbers, print it, package it, ship it, and cut a check for your portion of the sales. It’s super easy!
There are lots of benefits to doing this!
• No leftover inventory, only order what is already sold!
• You aren’t pulling together money for an initial order.
• Your only task is to promote promote promote.
• A custom URL to post on social media.
The websites are easy to navigate, attractive, and customers can choose what they need and purchase them in one visit. It’s a smooth process for everyone! We can help you customize a few different items at various price points and even give options like multiple shirt colors, or garments. Also, we can add shipping and send to the individual purchasers or give a free shipping option with a note that the items will be available at a specific location like the school on a specific date.